Our Prices include the cleaning of window frames and sills.

Please note that these prices may vary slightly. For commercial units please call or email.

Terraced HouseSemi DetachedDetachedLarge Detached
4 Weekly£12£14 - £25£15 - 35£35 -£80
8 Weekly£14£15 - £30£15 -£45£25 - £100
Conservatory+ £3-£12+£3-£12+£3-£12+£3-£12


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Is it ok to clean windows in the rain ?

Yes of course

When we clean your windows we use purified water which has been treated to get rid of all of the minerals you find in ordinary tap water.

The removal of these minerals allows our purified water to dry on the surface of the window without leaving any marks.

When water evaporates from the earth's surface it leaves the solids and salts behind. When rainwater is eventually released from the cloud it falls as pure water, H2O.

This rainwater has the same effect as our purified water in that it will dry without leaving any marks.

The only time that we don't clean windows in the rain would be if the rainfall was heavy. The issue with heavy rainfall is that rain droplets can bounce off the buildings surface picking up dirt and then contaminating the glass on the window.
We often clean windows in light to medium rain with excellent results. If your not happy with the results just call us and we will come back for free.

Please click here for our gutter cleaning prices

Semi Detached House £14.00
Up to 11 windows and 1 bi-folding/patio door

A typical semi detached house has around 12 windows and at least 1 set of patio doors. This is the cost for a 4 weekly clean.

​​​​Terraced House £12.00
Up to 8 windows and 2 doors

A typical terraced house has around 8 windows and at least 2 doors. This is the cost for a 4 weekly clean.

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